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Welcome to EA’s CrossFit in Sonoma Valley. Here you will find a friendly and supportive community led by enthusiastic, seasoned coaches who hold many certifications in addition to their CrossFit Certifications. EA’s CrossFit has over 40 classes per week catering to a wide range of levels from brand new beginners to Level 2 and training for competitions. We believe in balance and the importance of education. Our nutrition coach guides our community in the importance of fueling your body for optimum health, performance and repair. We also offer Yoga for CrossFitters, Stretch classes, special guest coaches, seminars, and community challenges to keep you motivated and striving towards your goals. Call EA to discuss your goals today at 415-314-1399.

Marco, Chelsey and Jordan

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning workout that combines weightlifting, sprinting, powerlifting, kettlebell training, plyometrics, rowing, and medicine ball training. A healthy, fit person requires proficiency in each of ten general physical skills: cardiovascular/respiratory, endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. It provides an increased work capacity across all these domains and achieves this by provoking neurological and hormonal adaptations across all metabolic pathways. EA’s classes include a warm-up, a skill development segment, and a high-intensity workout that lasts around fifteen to twenty minutes. There is a new 60 minute workout each day called the “Workout of the Day”. It is a mind and body challenge that will sure to get results!

This Is The World Wide Community/Movement We Are All A Part Of

Gets me so amped to see a video like this. Unlike the NFL or NBA or the Olympics we can all partake in the same workouts and tests of fitness that these games level athletes will be competing in. We can enjoy pushing each other through the final minutes/seconds of the wods and in so doing experience the same sensations as the top tier athletes.

Can’t wait for the Open

Can’t wait for Regionals

Can’t wait for the Games

Enjoy participating and spectating everyone!

Great Weekend! Looking Forward To A Solid Week – And Please Bring A Friend!

Everyone handled Cindy’s cousin, Chelsea, quite well on Saturday. The picture is of everyone that survived at 9am. The EMOM aspect is a great way to keep a steady pace and get more work from yourself than you may have thought possible (or wanted). Case in point – EA and myself figured a low ball estimate of total reps at 11,000 from just the 2 classes.

2000ish pull-ups

4000ish push-ups

6000ish air squats

Nice:) Thank you all for contributing to some very cool stats!

If you know anyone that you feel would benefit from being part of our awesome community and would want to contribute to these epic stats please do not hesitate to bring them along. Push them if necessary lol. CrossFit becomes more fun the more you share it. Ask me how i know. I’ve been sharing it since 04/05 and it keeps getting more challenging and enjoyable. Share that people!!

Got a great week of Wods coming up. Looking forward to it myself. Choose your rest days wisely as the Open is just around the corner! First Wod will be announced Thursday the 27th.

Check Out How Awesome We Are! No Seriously!!

I think most of you are already aware of the truly incredible upward arc we are experiencing at our gym as of late. As coaches we have an especially nice birds eye view of the advancement being made class after class, week after week. It can actually be quite emotional (and encouraging to us as well) to see our friends and athletes summon the drive needed to break through old barriers and achieve new PR’s on a daily basis. Most likely if you are reading this you know what sacrifices you have had to make and what you’ve done to contribute to this awesome progress and positive vibe (competing in the NorCal Masters, signing up for The Open, Lurong Challenge, the 6 week squat challenge, drinking less, sleeping more, staying after class to work on skills or mobility or just to keep chatting cause you’re having a good time, etc).

However some of you may not know the scale of the improvement going on gym-wide. For example:
Monday was 1 rep max back squat.

WE HAD OVER 30 ATHLETES ACROSS THE DAY HIT A NEW PR! (including myself yay!)
And mind you these weren’t small increases in weights either (not that small increases don’t count – cause they certainly do!). In a lot of the cases people were hitting weights 10,15, even 25% higher than they’re previous max attempts of as recent as a few months ago or less!! I watched one of our athletes Jerk #195 tonight – previous max in November was #155. That speaks volumes about the dedication of the folks we share a gym with here. People that are concerned with bettering themselves to the point of actively pursuing measurable improvement.

I hope you are all as inspired as we are to be a part of such a great community of like minded people. I’ve been to many a CrossFit gym and as a result have learned from and been impressed by their particular strengths. And yet I always enjoy and look forward to coming home to our gym for our family like atmosphere. It would appear though that amongst our many strengths, outright STRENGTH is becoming one of of them! KEEP THAT MOMENTUM!!

Couldn’t be more proud :)

Coach K and the Coaches

The Open

Wanted to share this video as it shows the wide range of abilities that will be participating in the Open. 5 workouts across 5 weeks starting 2/27. If you love CrossFit and the community we have not only at our gym but worldwide, you would be doing yourself a huge disservice to not get involved.

Best to all of you! Looking forward to doing the Open Wods with as many of you as possible!!

We also will need judges…so please consider taking the judges test so you can assist your fellow athletes in scoring their Wod. EA or myself can answer any questions you might have in this regard or at least find go find them for you! ;)

Coach K

3 Things….

First – Lurong wods 8,9, and 10 will be Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday of this week. The idea is to leave you plenty of time to make-up/better you score next week should you feel the need.

Second – Squat program days will be Monday/Wednesday/Friday. EA and myself have written down our percentage based weights we need to hit on a weekly basis throughout the 6 weeks on the back wall of the gym. As we accomplish the weekly goal we are circling the weight on the wall…it’d be great if all of you did the same!! Use Selma’s handy chart right next to the list of names to quickly find your percentages. Tomorrow or sometime this week you should be hitting your first weekly marker of 75% of the 5 rep max starting point.

Third – If you are depressed over the lack of quality Sunday night cable entertainment go here – http://games.crossfit.com/ – and watch CrossFit Team USA vs CrossFit Team World. It happened yesterday.

Looking forward to a great week everyone!!

Please PLEASE READ if you are confused about our 6 week squat program – In fact please read even if you’re NOT confused!

The squat is the only exercise in the weight room that trains the recruitment of the entire posterior chain in a way that is progressively improvable. That is one of the things that makes the squat the best exercise you can do with barbells and, by extension, the best strength exercise there is – it trains the posterior chain more effectively than any other movement. These important muscles contribute to jumping, pulling, pushing, and anything else involving the lower body. – Mark Rippetoe (renowned strength coach and CrossFit advocate)

Most of you are aware by now that as a gym we started a 6 week squat program Monday Oct 21. The results of strictly adhering to the regimen are impressive! And since the squat (hip drive) is the foundation of so many other movements expect your gains to translate to nearly all other aspects of your performance. Here are the details so you can refer back to them as needed.

Establish your 5 rep max (we did this monday) – for examples sake lets say it’s 100lbs. Your goal is to squat this weight for 20 reps in 1 set (bar STAYS on your back) by the end of six weeks via 3 squat sessions per week ( we will try to keep a Monday Wednesday Friday schedule).

Find 70% of that 5 rep max = 70lbs
You will do 1 set of 20 reps (1×20) at this weight the next squat session you attend (which should have been wed the 23rd – if you missed you should make it up the next trip to the gym, pre-wod).

In our example there is a 30lb difference between the starting weight of the 1×20 set (70lbs) and where we want it to be at the end of week six (100lbs). We will achieve this by gradually adding weight to our 1×20 on either a per session or per week basis.

Here’s how:

To determine the weight added each week divide the difference (30lbs) by 6 = 5lbs. On a weekly basis you would need to increase your 1×20 weight by 5lbs or 1.6ish lbs per session.
By the end of week one – 75lbs
End of week two – 80lbs
End of week three- 85lbs
And so on…

In this post is a handy cheat sheet that Selma Blanusa made for all of us to share. First, thank you Selma! Second, it will be taped to the wall by our list of athletes (if your name is not up there please put it there!) under the pull-up bars.

I wish you all the very best! Try not to be intimidated by week 4-6…We’ll handle those squat sessions with the foundation we will build in the first few weeks – STAY POSITIVE! Even if you cant hit a target weight one week for whatever reason (i.e. life happens to you…) you will still make great gains over the course of the program if you stick to it AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

See you in the gym.

Long Post … But Important Info And Homework For All Of Us…

First off, great work on the 3 position snatch this am. Saw a lot of progress towards the end of the session. I personally find that this complex really helps me hone the power i’m creating with my hips – by the 3rd snatch starting from the pockets with the least amount of momentum it truly takes a LOT of discipline both mentally and physically to hit that lift.

Next – as a gym we will officially be starting a squat program next week that will last 6 weeks. Expect squats 3x per week. If you miss a day try to make it up. The goal will be a 10 – 15% increase over your current 1rm – maybe more.. :)

And one more important thing – Saturday 10/19 CrossFit gyms the world over will be doing the ‘Lift Up Luke’ wod. We also will be doing it Saturday. It is in support of Autism awareness.I encourage everyone to watch the video link and check out the Lift Up Luke website for more info on donations/t-shirts/etc.

Tear jerker….



4 Power Cleans: 155 lbs. men/105 lbs. women
24 Double Unders
10 Pull-Ups

Happy lifting everyone!!